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  The College of Food Science, as the oldest established in the key Universities directly subordinated to the State Agricultural Department, holds the discipline of Agricultural Product Processing and Storage which is the key discipline authorized by the State Agricultural Department . We are the oldest major to offer the Master degree in the high agricultural universities over the China. In 1998, we were authorized the Doctoral degree by the State Council in the major of Agricultural Product Processing and Storage, the only one in the Southwest and Northwest area of China (including 11provinces and municipality). And in 2000, we succeed in the Doctoral degree in Tea Science.

  We offer programs leading to the B. S. and Specialty (food science and engineering, tea science, packaging engineering, Tea culture, cooking and nutrition, commodity package and advertisement design), M.S. (Food science, Food Engineering, Packaging Engineering, and Tea Science),and Ph. D degrees.

  Through more than 20 years construction and development, we have a modernized teaching and research 5 stories building (4600 square meter, total area) invested by the loan of the World Bank. Now the college consists of 6 professors (6 Doctor degree supervisors), Associate Professors and faculty members who hold Doctor and Master degrees (35% of total faculties). Currently there are 1000 undergraduate students and 245 graduated students in this school. The number of students has kept rising over the past years. We offer undergraduate and graduate instruction on analyzing food chemistry, producing safe and wholesome foods for society, understanding consumer attitudes toward foods, maintaining the quality of foods, developing new food products and packages, and understanding food laws and regulations. Since the founding more than 3000 B.S. students and about 300 Doctor and Master students have graduated from this branch, and many of them have become the backbones on many fronts of food filed.

  The school has active academic exchange and cooperation with outside world. It has built the relationship with about 100 companies and research institutes in research and development of new technology. The academic exchange spans to universities of USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, Hungary and Thailand, including scientific exchange and cooperation, scholar's exchange and personal training. Over 10 faculties who have studied abroad are now active in this school.

  The school also achieved success in scientific research. Since the founding it has completed projects with 82 national, ministerial and provincial science and technology tasks, 36 projects have received national, ministerial and provincial science and technology awards,. Recent years we have published 200 more research articles with some being indexed by EI and SCI, and more than 20 academic books, there are also 20 more patents being granted.

Faculty Members

  For some of our faculty, further studying experiences over seas have led them the capabilities of excellent communication and cooperation.


  We have advanced analyzing instrument and processing equipment, such as HPLC, GC, Texturizer, Supercritical Extraction, Injector, Freezing vacuum Dryer

Train Experiences

  We have organized the train courses for developing countries, jointing in the food safety training courses for the director of southwest areas, including the governors from Yunnan, Guizhou, Tibet, Sichuan, Chongqing.

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